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For us, coffee is much more than a way to wake up. We find that coffee has a complexity in taste and flavour that rivals, and perhaps even exceeds, products like wine.

To explore the many different coffees the world has to offer, we work with one of the best roasters in the country: Dutch Barista Coffee. When we are happy with the roast, we start the process of creating the perfect shot. By adjusting our recipes, the temperature and many other variables to the specific coffee, we end up with the perfect shot!


Each month, we have the pleasure of serving a carefully selected single origin coffee. By picking different origins and processing methods each month, we are able to showcase a range of interesting and exciting coffees.


The world of tea can be just as rewarding as the world of coffee. For our tea selection we offer a wide variety in origins and processing methods. We strive to have a delicious tea for every budget. Expect teas to range from high quality single origins to funky blends that burst with sweetness.


To get those special characteristics out of the tea leaves and into the cup, we constantly tune our recipes and brewmethods to each specific tea.


Chocolate is oftentimes overlooked when it comes to quality. While general chocolate from the supermarket might be a sugar-filled bland experience, there is another world out there with delicious high quality chocolate.

To experience chocolate in it’s purest form, we taste different single origins. As with coffee and wine, the growing conditions of the bean make a world of difference in the end product. We are confident that our selection of chocolate will impress both the chocolate experts and people looking for a tasty, comfortable bar of chocolate.


Asides these delicious bars, we also sell incredibly tasty home-made pastries and cakes. All made in the kitchen at the back of the shop!

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Espresso Tasting

Dive into the world of espresso with a tasting masterclass.
Discover different flavours and textures and connect them with different origins.
Time: 09:00-10:00
Date: 1st sunday of the month
Price: 10 euros

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Very nice little coffee place serving excellent coffee. This simple coffeeshop is own by two dedicated professionals, who like to share their coffee knowledge with you. Very friendly and helpful. They serve great cappuccino’s, flat whites and more.

Snowjeb - Beanhunter

Found you in the Netherlands Coffee Guide. One visit wasn’t enough during our 5 day holiday. The enthusiam for coffee here is palpable. The owners talk passionately about their craft and served us excellent espresso, Americano and sublime hot chocolate. The shop part sells speciality tea, coffee and chocolates along with all the equipment and accessories imaginable.

Ian P - Bury St Edmunds
A caffeine oasis!

Every morning we would go here, not because it was around the corner from where we were staying. We went here because they made one of the best cups of coffees we have ever had. I would go out of my way to visit this place. You should too!

Anomac - Kerobokan, Indonesia